"What adhd means to me"

This zine is a collaboration of 20+ ADHD artists, writers and poets, who came together thanks to Amelia (Vesper Riso) to talk about their personal experiences and conceptions on the question which served as theme for this zine: "what does ADHD mean to you?".

Meet the participants

Amelia Wright

Amelia Colvig Wright is a multimedia artist and writer that has found her way back from the corporate world to art. Impulsively (as things go with ADHD) she bought a risograph machine and hit publish on a Tweet that simply said, "If I organized an ADHD Zine, would anyone be interested?" Thousands of likes flooded in, and she knew she had to make it happen! She's so grateful and proud of everyone's hard work, and excited that the zine's out in the world and for the future of the project!

"Thought Process"

Gideon is a sentient Afro-Latine shrub from Northern California. She mostly reads books with kids and drinks coffee, but sometimes she draws stuff and writes stories.



"ADHD by Night: A Penguin Story"

Azalais is a streamer and online artist (sometime), on her way to get an ADHD evaluation, the online ADHD community and artists helped her, time to help back.

D.B. Kingsley
"What you aren't told"


Bran Catron


"Emotional Rollercoaster"

Lemongu is a queer digital artist who mainly draws as a hobby. Their full-time job combined with their mental health can make it difficult to draw regularly. They hope to eventually write a children's book.

Danielle Harmon
"It Kills Me Inside"

Danielle (They/She) is an artist based in the Bay Area. Currently working in Tech, she hopes to one day transition into the animation industry as a storyboard artist. She was recently diagnosed with ADHD, and is working on developing coping mechanisms to make it through life.

Rosie (Biquoi)
"No Restorable Data Found"

Rosie is a Digital Humanities student from Italy, navigating through all the bureaucracy of being diagnosed in her country. She mainly struggles with her memory and identity, which are at the core of her comic. Her main fixations are vampires and science fiction.

Michelle Artbear
"My Other Half"

Michelle is an illustrator and comic artist based in San Diego. Their work ranges from poetry comics to FFXIV fan illustrations, and their late ADHD diagnosis answered a lot of lifelong questions, like "Wait, where did I put my phone?" and "What was the question again?"



"Boundless Feelings"

Skye is student from Singapore who was just diagnosed last year. She is learning how to cope healthily with ADHD and wants to make more ADHD comics to raise awareness. With this comic, she hopes that everyone takes a more positive spin on their ADHD. Her hyperfixations are music and anime!

Alex Coughlan


"Me... Or my ADHD?"

Zami is a nonbinary chilean artist who is making comics about life as an adult ADHDer who was diagnosed later in life to bring more awareness on ADHD.

A. "Junior" Vigorito
"I'm Going Back to School"

Junior is a comic artist, creator of several webcomics including "Growing Up Gerudo" and "The Divine Intervention." Their hyperfixations range from Freddie Mercury, Pokemon, dragons and (currently) turtles!

Josefine Quell
"A Summer for a Student With Undiagnosed ADHD"

Josefine Quell (they/she) is a queer German student and author with undiagnosed ADHD. Half their life happens on Twitter, the other half happens at the desk writing.

Hanna Coy
"Hyperfocus/Rejection Sensitivity"

Hanna Coy is based in Tucson, Arizona. She makes drawings, cartoons, and 2-D mixed media works with a particular interest in ecology and geography. She was diagnosed with ADHD as an adult, and is still in the process of, well, processing.

Tasha A. Jones
"The ND Universe"

Tasha is a writer and painter from Canada. She was diagnosed with ADHD in adulthood, and loves helping other Neurodiverse people find tricks to help them in daily life. One day she hopes to get her original novel published.

Ann Catherine
"Bees in my Head"

Ann is currently a university student, illustrator, and overall creative based in Singapore. She's still navigating her recent ADHD diagnosis and is trying to find what works for her. For now, she's just doing her best to be a functional human, and if that's you too, it's okay!